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These Offers are Real-Time Deals -
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New Taramps HD5000 HD 5000 Watt 12.6V 1 Ohm Car Audio Competition Amplifier/Amp

The HD line is a line of amps with one channel with frequency response from the  sub bass to the middle acute. This products ranging  from 800-8000 Watts of power, applied in several areas aimed at it relates to automotive, domestic or sound electric trio.The HD amplifier is a high performance product, innovative design and edges (front and back) in ABS, which provide more security at the installation time. The HD amplifiers have RCA inputs (L and R) to seize all mixing from a song, directing to a single output.Number of Channels - 01@ Max Power 13.8 VDC - 1 ohm - 5997W RMS@ Max Power 13.8 VDC - 2 ohm - 4000W RMS@ Max Power 13.8 VDC - 4 ohm - 2398W RMS@ Max Power 12.6 VDC - 1 ohm - 5000W RMS@ Max Power 12.6 VDC - 2 ohm - 3335W RMS@ Max Power 12.6 VDC - 4 ohm - 2000W RMSInput Sensitivity: 250mV @ (-9.78 dBm)Distortion Total Harmonic (THD): 0.3%S / N Ratio:> 95dBFrequency Response: 5Hz to 15KHzCrossover:HPF (High pass filter): 5Hz to 50Hz (-12dB / 8 th) variableLPF (Low pass filter): 50Hz to 15KHz (-12dB / 8 º) VariableInput Impedance: 18K ohmsProtection System: Curto em Output / Supply Voltage High / LowLow Voltage Power Supply: 10.5 VDCHigh Voltage Power Supply: 16VDCRest consumption: 2.0 Amp.Consumption Maximum Music @ 12.6 VDC: 295 Amp.Maximum Consumption em Señal sine (1KHz) @ 12.6 VDC: 590 Amp.Diminsions (LxAxP): 229 x 65 x 447mmWeight: 5.19 Kg

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