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These Offers are Real-Time Deals -
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Power your world with Honda's "state of the art" generator technology

Honda 5,000 Watt Generators are well-known for being some of the most reliable and quietest generators out there.

Each Honda 5,000 generator series has its ideal applications and usage:

  • EB Series: Commercial/Industrial
  • EG Series: Home backup and construction
  • EM Series: Emergency home backup

Honda EB5000 - Industrial Series (EB5000X):

The Honda EB5000 Industrial Series Generator features a run time of 11.2 hours at half load. The Honda's iGX engine, computer-controlled electronic ignition and fuel system makes the engine easy to start and affordable to operate.

This 5,000 Watt generator provides up to 5000 watts for operating commercial-grade tools. It has a 6.2-gallon fuel tank and is equipped with Honda Oil Alert® technology that shuts the engine off if oil pressure drops too low.

This Honda 5,000 Generator also has innovative Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation technology that maintains engine RPM when a load is applied and provides 10-second bursts of 7000 watts to power up high-load tools. The generator is enclosed in a welded frame with large rear wheels and lockable handlebars. The portable industrial generator is also equipped with a hanging frame and ring so that it is easy to lift for multi-story work.

Additional Features of the Honda EB5000X Generator:

  • Easy-start, fuel-efficient computerized iGX engine
  • Low decibel rating
  • 3-year commercial/residential warranty
  • 6.2-gallon fuel tank
  • Up to 5000 watts of power
  • IAVR technology provides 10-second clips of 7000 watts
  • Oil Alert technology powers down the engine when oil level is low
  • Durable one-piece welded frame with large wheels
  • Reinforced legs and fold-down, lock-in handlebars
  • GFCI-protected outlets
  • Hanger and ring for lifting and mounting the portable industrial generator

Honda EG5000 - Economy Series (EG5000CL):

Run the Honda 5000W Economy Series Generator for long-lasting operating time for power tools and compressors on the job site or for refrigeration and electric pumps at home during outages. The generator features Honda's commercial-grade 389-cc overhead-valve engine with electronic ignition, fed by a 6.3-gallon fuel tank.

This Honda 5000W generator provides up to 5000 watts of power, with a run-time of 11 hours at half-load. Honda's Oil Alert® technology shuts down the engine when the oil pressure drops below optimal level, and Honda's innovative Digital Automatic Voltage Regulation technology stabilizes voltage to prevent power surges and overheating.

This economy generator operates on 120V power alone or 120/240V together. It has 4 variable-amp duplex and locking-plug outlets, protected with electronic circuit breakers.

Additional Features of the Honda EG5000 Generator:

  • Generator runs power equipment at work and vital appliances at home
  • 3-year commercial/residential warranty
  • Commercial-grade Honda OHV engine with electronic ignition with 6.3-gallon tank
  • Honda economy generator boasts 11 hours of run-time at half-load
  • Delivers up to 5000 watts of power
  • Automatic power-down of engine when the oil level drops too low
  • DAVR technology stabilizes voltage output from the Honda 5000-watt Generator to prevent power surges and overheating
  • Housed in a one-piece welded carrying frame
  • Switch for using 120V alone or 120/240V together
  • 4 variable-amp duplex and locking-plug outlets with electronic circuit breakers

Honda EM5000 - Deluxe Series (EM5000S):

The Honda EM5000 deluxe series generator can power many home appliances, like TVs, refrigerators and microwaves. This 5000W Honda generator uses a commercial HONDA iGX390 engine and produces up to 7000 watts of power for 10 seconds to help start up large equipment and appliances. This machine can operate for up to 11.2 hours while using only 6.2 gallons of fuel.

With this generator with wheels, you can choose 120V or 240V output, depending on the wattage needed by appliances. It also boasts a back-up electric recoil start and electronic ignition.

This electric start generator uses Intelligent Automatic Voltage Regulation (iAVR) technology for reliable power when using sensitive electronics like laptops. To protect its components, the generator is equipped with a full frame and reinforced legs. It also uses Honda Oil Alert®, which detect when oil levels become too low.

Additional Features of the Honda EM5000 Generator:

  • Includes: Honda 5000-watt generator, registration information packet, manual, wheel kit and fuel gauge
  • Reinforced legs and full frame
  • 5000W portable generator uses Oil Alert
  • 3-year residential warranty
  • Able to power many home appliances
  • Commercial Honda iGX390 engine
  • Produces 7000 watts for up to 10 seconds
  • Operates for up to 11.2 hours using only 6.2 gallons of fuel
  • Select both 120V and 240V or only 120V
  • Back-up electric recoil start
  • Electronic ignition
  • iAVR technology

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